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Help this young woman find her Dad – missing in Newtown, PA – Bucks County

I met her at Tyler State Park today, in Newtown, PA.  They think that her Dad had a small stroke, and he is confused and does not know who he is or where he belongs.

He was seen in the park yesterday, but the people that saw him did not know that he was missing.

The whole family is helping to search for him.  They are doing a great job, and need your help if you are in this local area.

This is the daughter of Michael Naylon.  He is missing in the Newtown, PA area.  His family is very worried.

If you find him call 215-954-9176 or call the police at 911.

Michael Naylon is 65 years old, approx 5’9″, about 170 pounds.  He has gray hair and brown eyes.

Thank you for any…

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