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Today’s words have me envisioning a rather large bowl with stripes of different jams– strawberry and cherry and apple and orange marmalade and plum and peach,  swirling rainbow like.     Yet I can’t help but think that a few good strokes with a spoon could turn that rainbow into a truly mixed mess that might taste just awful.

I’m find it difficult to focus on today’s words,  as #definethis  today has me raising a hue and cry,  though only because I mistook hew for hue.    For such short words these two have a number of meanings and seemingly endless potential for mis-understanding.    While in modern usage a hue is a shade of color, it turns out that the old expression is ‘hue and cry’  (rather than ‘hew and cry’).    I was not able to determine to my satisfaction how the word for a tone of color…

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