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I was in the middle of surgery when my colleague walked out and said, get ready for an emergency caesarean. Layla,a 12 month old Great Dane, had been scheduled for a pregnancy ultrasound later that afternoon. Her owner had wanted to check how many puppies were present and to make sure the pregnancy was going well.

Overnight, Layla went into labour..

Layla’s owner brought her straight in when she noticed she was having suspect uterine contractions that were non-productive and she had also started producing a yellowish vaginal discharge!

Layla was really far too young to be bred and her owners had really tried to avoid this early and unplanned pregnancy. They ultimately aimed at breeding her with their entire male Great Dane when she was fully grown (two years of age). However, in spite of keeping the two dogs separated while Layla was in season, the cheeky male barged…

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