I was chatting with a friend, earlier today.  In the conversation, an alternate idea came up, so I wanted to put it in words, and share it. Who knows, it may blossom, or it may die. Mostly, it is just the seed, and I planting it, here and now. I would love to know your opinions, so comment, as you please.

   Much discussion has come up, concerning military expenditures, over time.  It seems that we are spending more money for that, than almost anything else.  We have military posts in almost, if not all, of the states.  Those posts are manned by military forces, that are at the commander’s disposal.  In the event of war, those personnel are well trained, in setting up, and maintaining outposts, as needed.  Our military is quite fully maintained, even in peacetime. 

   So the thought is this.  Whenever catastrophies arise, the military, which is already on the payroll, could be called on to provide assistance, where it was needed.  In addition to this, our military also has doctors, nurses, and full medical staff, and supplies.  In my opinion, we could address many of our issues with use of the military.  After all, if we maintain a military force for oppostion from our enemies, we could very well also use them as assistance.  We already know that the military is used for peaceful operations, as well as warfare, so why not use them at home, for doing peaceful, and practical operations, within the country.