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Its vs It’s can be tricky.  Even I make these common mistakes from time to time.  Often times it’s when you’re in a rush and not willing to slow down a bit.  For example, perhaps when you’re writing a short story or novel and you don’t want to stop, because the mind is shelling out thoughts left and right.

So, how do we deal with this?  It’s simple really.  It’s is a two word conjunction.  In other words, instead of saying “it is” you could use the word It’s.  Anytime there is an apostrophe in the middle of a word, usually it’s two words combined.  Here are some examples:

It’s a lovely day out.
It’s a shame that it’s going to take us so long to get there.
It’s about time you showed up.
It’s like you don’t even care.

Often times It’s is found at the beginning of a…

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