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BSE290-2TIn writing the Treatise on Enlightened Society, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is demonstrating the breadth and depth of Shambhala vision. In its dissemination he is reaching out to an all-inclusive audience to spread the “radical” notion that a society built on the principle of basic goodness is the society that flourishes, and the society that Shambhala Buddhism is dedicated to creating. In proclaiming these teachings in this bold way, the Sakyong is showing the ultimate application of our practice, and bravely, taking that first step for us. It will be our charge, then, to take this vision forward and to make it a reality. We practice dharma as a doctor practices medicine, or a lawyer practices law- practice means to do it. And the intention is to not do it on the cushion alone. Rinpoche has been encouraging our increased engagement for years. As a practitioner, or as a human…

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