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700 households in west-central Germany that joined the E-DeMa project– the largest field test of intelligent power use in private households ever conducted in Germany.

Would you change your energy use habits if you could save over 10% on energy costs?

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

"As a first step, each household’s electricity meter was replaced with a digital smart meter….. Smart meters record power consumption data on an internal memory chip at 15-minute intervals. Once a day these data are anonymized and transmitted via the power lines to an energy-data management system. "  |  "Some 100 households that were selected at random have been equipped with smart appliances from Miele. “These appliances automatically choose the lowest tariff for their operating cycle,” …"  |  "Another 13 households.. were fitted with combined heat and power units (micro-CHPs). In addition to producing hot water…

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