SocialSafe logoA Q&A with SocialSafe co-founder and chairman Julian Ranger. The Farnham, United Kingdom–based company was founded in 2009 and closed its Series A funding round in late December.

SUB: Please describe SocialSafe and your value proposition.

Ranger: SocialSafe enables users to create their own private and personal digital library of all their social media interactions, and then allows them to take advantage of that library by doing more with it. We enable users to take control of their social media interactions, keeping a complete record of everything, aggregating it together and providing tools to access the library displaying the information, providing a full calendar and journal, allowing search across all data, and additional functions too.

We support Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viadeo, and in mid-January will release support for RSS and Pinterest. We will continue to add further networks such as Flickr, Spotify, etc. in time.

We are…

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