Another of man’s inhumane treatment to man.

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Bola, a 17 year old teenager was in her final year in the secondary school and was about completing her final WAEC examinations when she got raped by 5 boys who happened to be her juniors.
Bola was fair in complexion, had a figure eight shape and carried herself well and with respect. Being the headgirl, she ruled without partiality, she was fair in her judgements and sanctions and rewarded the good students and penalised the bad ones. She was also intelligent at best. Most boys had wanted to date her but Bola had a no dating policy planned out for her until she was in the second year of her university.
On that faithful day, Bola had left school at her usual time and was about heading out the gate when she was approached by 5 boys who begged her to come stop a fight  between two fellow students…

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