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ceo-markku-tauriainenGolden grain is always worth picking, when it comes your way. Once you learn to sell only advantages and benefits to your customers, your pockets are always full of nuggets. When your pockets are full of gold (advantages and benefits) there are always friends, even to share with others.

Next I tell you about selling advantages and benefits with a beautician example.

You can complete a beautician education for example in Oulu cosmetologist school, in which a wide vocational education in the field of treatments is given to the students. Based on my information there is no time for a proper selling teaching. However, beauticians are expected to have professional skills in selling of treatments and products immediately after the working life begins.

Definitely a wrong way to act in masseur´s, hairdresser´s and beautician´s selling is to demonstrate and to tell to the customer about different jars (beauty products) with…

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