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In My Coma are a fantastic alternative Rock band from Toronto – I seriously don’t know why all the great bands I find online are from Canada, pure coincidence.   Although the leader of the band Jasper James was actually born in Guildford near London, England, so that makes it ok.

Jasper’s passion of music came from his father and he was influenced by the British bands of the 80’s  Although the bands music is  inspired by Brit pop there are a lot of Heavy American Rock influences too which has given them an amazing sound, no two tracks are the same, as you find with some bands. You cannot fault the lyrics or the music, I love both.

The band is a trio comprising of –

  • Jasper James – Vocals-Guitar-Noises 
  • Laura Doll – Bass-Vocals-Thunder
  • Mike Paterson – Drums-Earplugs-Pounder

Check out Voices from Magnets and Miracles – I love this!

Magnets and Miracles


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