One evening, my wife and I were driving to a friends house for dinner, and a card party. Along the way, I stopped at a liquor store, to pick up some wine for the occasion. I am well into my middle age, and was a little taken, when the attendant asked to see my driver’s license.

   As I was continuing the drive, my wife noticed that I had a smirk on my face, and asked, “What are you thinking about?” I replied, “Well, when I bought the wine, they asked me for ID.” “What!?”, she said. “Turn around, and take me back there!” I tried to soothe her dander, but to no avail, so I found a spot, turned around, and returned to the liquor store. She got out of the car very quickly, and stomped into the store, and said, “Do you see the man in that car?”, pointing at me. The attendant looked in my direction, and said, “What’s it to you, are you his mother?”