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As the vibration resonates the cellular level,

my spirit soars and moves among the stars.

As the Sound connects with each tissue, each sinew, each muscle

in a sacred song which swells into a crescendo,

it blends with the sound of the train

on the high trestle across the coolies.

My earthly body drops away.

I, as Soul, drift gently upward, ever upward.

Drifting out of my room, my house, my city,

my province, my country, my planet.

All the way.

All the way back,

to the moment,  love first lifted me.

All the way back,

to the commitment,

that I was sent here to see.

The Sound now is

the silent humming of the drum,

now the sweet violin,

now the lilting wood winds

now the gentle breeze.

Now the soft rain of silence

ushers me into the realm,

Into the presence of the One.


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