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LIVE marketing means Tweets!

twitter - DETart BlogAs all marketeers love to see some Live activity at their Events, here some information about this.

Sure, as usual you get as well an Infographic as I felt in love with this powerful tools.

With other words:

Tweet smart and use the perfect tools

There are some interesting facts and some advice for Live Tweeting within the Infographic. Enjoy and please think about this at your next Event.

Live Tweet Infographic

Guide For Live Tweeting

Infographic courtesy of beta21

Tell me…

HashTag #PtippK for Praxistipps KundenkommunikationWe use f.e. for our next Event in Cologne a special Hashtag which is in his case #PtippK as a shortcut for our book series Praxistipps Kundenkommunikation.

For this Event we as well set up a Twubs. Have a look to  where you see who else is Tweeting with our Hashtag LIVE during the event.

Hope to get you thinking a bit. Here some questions I like to know!


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