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Prayer flags on Renjo La Prayer flags on Renjo La (Photo credit: Oliphant)

Storm chasing in Jutland

How do you  sing the song

on days when the melody is forgotten?

When the youth has eked out of all the bones

 the  moment is “feeling rotten”.

Live it,  feel it fully,

 when it is time just let it go.

Moods when you are aging

are like the weather  just so you know.

If the day is cloudy, then enjoy the rain.

If the storm is brewing, let it take your pain.

Be real.

Be open.

Be honest.

Enjoy the very test.

It will dig the hole that joy can fill.

It might take a day or week a month

But I promise you it will.

How to sing the song,

on the days when the melody is gone?

Hang in there……sing your precious prayer song anyway.  

Sing it out.

 Sing it strong.

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