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I know you are feeling lost in the storm.
I know  you feel all alone.
I know when I look deep in your eyes
that I am taking a risk
that I do not realize.
In wanting to help you
in wanting you to be free
I can sink into the storm in your eyes.
I have been there.
I know of the storm’s rages.
I know of the desperate feeling of cages.
So, I embrace you with love to be free
until that storm starts to rage within me.
I re-release the storm.
I give you shelter to keep you warm.
I stir the soup and give you hope.
I pour the bath.
I hand you soap.
In the midst of this
which seems day to day.
I will take your hand.
I will remember to pray.
Changes in life feel like a storm
But I know you…

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