Eav Daily Tips

My answer is : Don’t DO!


As most people on the Avenue know , newstarters get bought on their first day and when their starters Div is below 0.1 div/share, they will be sold as soon as possible.

So When a Newstarter created an account and planned to take some time to become active >> let say within the next few days >> …..

On day 4 ,  they log-in and see already a drop in their shareprice (because their div is < 0,1) .  SO the Fun is over and they quit!


After my opinion its not necessary  for investors to behave like this Buying / Selling on such a short term and loss eaves!

Pictures say more the words, so i collected some accounts who just passed their 7th day >> let say Day 8 .

Look to the picture’s  to make up your mind!


My advice for investors

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