Eav Daily Tips

Since I’m back on the  Avenue, around last January 2015, I noticed that there are a lot of newstarters who joined and really didn’t start with the ‘Game’ !!

  • No Profile Picture
  • No Biograph
  • No Portfolio >> read investments
  • Not doing missions
  • Zero Engagement offcourse
  • No Networks connected
  • etcetc.

OK in the past we also had new profiles like this, but its amazing that more then 90% joined nowadays and do almost nothing! Just a couple a day meet my Daily list..

Its so easy  to start an account and take some time to do the Get Started Mission Set for an information tour around the Avenue, direct create a  starters Cash of 750K Eaves and setting UP your profile!

Besides that, it is easy to find people and communities around.  who offer you Help.


After our experience from the past, almost all newstarters didn’t know anything about Empire Avenue before!  People think >>> CityVille >> CastleVille…

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