Make It Your Problem

There is no golden goose, silver bullet or miracle elixir. There is no easy way to changing your position, your prospects, your circle of influence or the world around you. In most cases it won’t be easy but it may be simple. Set a goal, make it manageable, do it, repeat, repeat, repeat.

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What do you want (more of/less of)? How might you get it? How committed are you to that? How will you know you got there? When creating a goal, stated in the positive – I will have more time with my family starting today. Recognize what is in your control. Setting goals that compel or require others to behave in a certain way will likely lead to frustration.

Does the goal fit with your personal ecology? If you commit to earning $1Million but money isn’t an important measure for you then the goal is likely flawed. If…

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