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Replenish my laughter

Renew my dedication

Reinforce my willingness

Recall my wonder

Revise my vision

Recant my whining

Review my virtues

Reinforce my faith

Revisit my goals

Rededicate my purpose

Revisit my mission

Repel my fears

Revamp my direction

Rekindle the holy fire

Remove my worrying

Re-finish my countenance

Repeat this invocation

Rearrange my song

Re-acquaint me with my dance

Refill my heart

Recall my joy and gratitude

Retool my attitude

Return my vigilance

Refresh my curiosity

Refurbish my energy

Redo my artistry

Retouch my spirit

Rebuff my fears

Regulate my energy

Remember my purpose

Redecorate my life  

Return my love for others


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