Make It Your Problem

What is small? Is 5% small? Is 1%? How small can something be and still make a change? Would you use .35% of your day to begin to change your health, happiness, attitude?


The ‘5  Minute Solution’ will be the pebble that causes a ripple across your pond and as you practice it the ripple becomes a small splash and has the potential to turn into a wave. (1440 minutes in a day 5 minutes + .347%) Schedule a 5 minute walk, breathe deeply for 5 minutes, take in your surroundings and shut out the noise of your day. Don’t think about work just observe the sky, the flowers, the clouds, the air. 5 minutes at 14:19 will  refresh, invigorate and put a smile on your face.

What if you did the ‘5 Minute Solution’ four times a day. At 08:19 read something silly for 5 minutes, at 14:19 go…

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