Make It Your Problem

From a 6 year old post on Grammarphopia 

The etymological appendix at the end of my dictionary suggests that “think” and “thank” are related. It has taken me a long time to connect my thinking and my thanking, especially to think before I thank, and thank before I think.

Thinking about Thanksgiving here in Canada and whether I am thinkful about being thankful. Do I take for granted my blessings? Do I recognize how gratitude can bring more gratefulness to my mind? Can I express my appreciation from a heartfelt and head felt space?

I am grateful for so much stuff outside my control – where I was born, my privilege, my beloved, my faith, my health and by abilities. I am in awe around those things that I have in my life that I make a small contribution towards – opportunities, relationships, health, prosperity, knowledge and faith.

Mostly I…

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