Empire Kred

November brings Build Your Empire with a series of events which will be fun and engage everyone on the site.

Featuring Invite-a-thon * Blog-a-thon * Video-a-thon * Share-a-thon

The Invite-a-thon runs throughout the month and is designed to help and encourage existing members to invite friends to join us on Empire.Kred and experience the Stock Market , Missions , Free Social Media Metrics and discover the friendly supportive community that is Empire.Kred

Players will get a referral link. People who join Empire.Kred using your referral  link will be credited to  you. There will additional rewards for mentoring new players.

In order to receive the rewards the new accounts  must upload a photo , link two pre existing social media accounts  and buy shares in 10 accounts .The new player also receives rewards .

There will be weekly prizes as well as monthly grand prize(s) to reward recruiters who are most…

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