Empire Kred

You are being guided by (e)StevenJH and (e)Angelika  long time members of  Empire.Kred

On Empire.Kred you can host your profile , trade shares , networking in groups , view your social media analytics and run missions.(and make friends)

Registering on Empire.Kred

The blank registration screen

Registering on Empire.Kred

Enter your details

(1) Your Email Address

(2) Your Name

(3) The ‘ticker’ or ID you would like to use.

Everyone’s ticker should be unique , the system will check whether the one you choose is already in use . If it is simply choose another one

(4) and (5) enter the password you want to use . Both fields need to be the same

(6) Subscribe to the Empire.Kred Newsletter

Finally (7) Create My Profile

Enter your details

What are Eaves

Eaves are Empire.Kred’s virtual currency , you start with 100,000 eaves.

The aim is to increase your wealth

You gain eaves when

(1) You received…

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