In my own words about me, realizing that it can be compared to biting my own teeth, I am one that has spent most of my life in the small town, or rural type of environment.  I usually avoid large crowds, for reasons unknown to me, to date, probably some memory buried deep in early childhood.  I would also lay claim to having lived a somewhat ‘gypsy’ lifestyle, in that growing, I was rather transient, with the longest time spent in one spot being 3 years.  My ‘family’ status started falling apart, when I was very young, and I lived in 16 different locations, or environments, prior to enlisting in the Army.  The one constant in  my life, that I can recall, is that I have been selling things for most of my life, even back into childhood, subscriptions, neckties, calendars, etc.  Even now, given the opportunity, I sell an RC toy, every once in a while.  If you’re interested, my website is