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$2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP $2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP

Did you join the Empire after April 15th? You missed the deal of the century: The Ultimate Leaders Upgrade. This package of in-game benefits supercharges your game and lets you network with top players in Empire.Kred and around the web. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to build YOUR social media empire.

I, Sir Rudiger, love a deal. Right now the ULTIMATE LEADERS UPGRADE is on sale.You get over $2,000 of in-game benefits for up to 95% off. Let’s face it, you probably spend more for one night out than you’ll spend for this entire package of game benefits that will help you every single time you log in.  

Leaders is accepting members for a limited time — so whether you just joined, or missed the last sale, NOW IS THE TIME to give your game a powerful boost.


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Empire Kred

Build Your Empire

You’re an Empire.Kred player – and that makes you the best possible person to decide who YOU want to see in the game. Who do you know who wants to track or build their social networks? Who will love discovering new content in missions or enjoy climbing the social stock market? Who shares your interests or creates content that excites you? Those are the people we want to introduce to Empire.Kred.

As each one of us reaches out and brings in people we like, people we trust, and people who are interesting and dynamic, we ALL benefit from a stronger, more dynamic game.

The Build YOUR Empire Challenge will run through mid-December. Four contests will make it fun and rewarding to tell your story, show prospective players how (and why) they should play, and share the new mobile-friendly Empire.Kred across social media. All while earning or winning eaves!

Invite-a-thon, Blog-a-thon, Video-a-thon, and Share-a-thon let you choose the medium and…

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Make It Your Problem

You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination. ~ Robert Marsden

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35 years, 1985 to 2015, the Kansas City Royals plugged away building momentum, stumbling just when it seemed possible and climbing back to win the World Series again. I was cheering for the opponents of the Royals; The Mets and the Blue Jays before them but I admire their tenacity and determination. In both of their last series they took what they were given and made lemonade; seeing the positive and having hope they could turn their situation around. Congratulations Kansas City.

I was at the Bare Naked Ladies concert in Calgary last night (great opening act – Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies). They have been making music together for 27 years (more than half their lives)…

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Source: Nov 02 My daily investment tips today for Empire.Kred #EK !

Empire Kred

Join Sir Rudiger for 24 hours of fun, contests, trick or treating, missions, and a huge party in the treehouse. Join Sir Rudiger for 24 hours of fun, contests, trick or treating, missions, and a huge party in the treehouse.

On Halloween, head to Empire.Kred for 24 hours of non-stop fun! Sir Rudiger hasn’t shared all the details yet, but here’s a sneak preview:

  • Trick or treaters can win Pay It Forward Investment Missions, helping you sell stock and reach new shareholders
  • Everyone can play, by looking for treats or by joining the fun and offering treats
  • Speed counts in this contest, so plan to visit lots of people
  • Watch for the special Halloween achievement to pop up as you visit friends
  • Scoop up stock in Invest missions all day

Join Sir Rudiger and players in the treehouse for holiday events throughout the day, leading up to a blowout party Saturday night. Prizes for best treats, best costumes, and much more.

Sir Rudiger will announce contest rules around midnight Friday night, right…

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Empire Kred

November brings Build Your Empire with a series of events which will be fun and engage everyone on the site.

Featuring Invite-a-thon * Blog-a-thon * Video-a-thon * Share-a-thon

The Invite-a-thon runs throughout the month and is designed to help and encourage existing members to invite friends to join us on Empire.Kred and experience the Stock Market , Missions , Free Social Media Metrics and discover the friendly supportive community that is Empire.Kred

Players will get a referral link. People who join Empire.Kred using your referral  link will be credited to  you. There will additional rewards for mentoring new players.

In order to receive the rewards the new accounts  must upload a photo , link two pre existing social media accounts  and buy shares in 10 accounts .The new player also receives rewards .

There will be weekly prizes as well as monthly grand prize(s) to reward recruiters who are most…

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Make It Your Problem

“If you want to say “in a class by itself” with slightly more class, grab for this handy Latin phrase, which means literally “of its own kind.“” from Visual Thesaurus Word of the Day.

Can we think we are sui generis, speak like we are and act like we are, if we believe what we are doing is? Is the work you are doing best in class? Who is doing it better? What can I do to become that much better?

I see this in many organizations. They are doing remarkable work but no one knows it because they refuse to ‘blow their own horn’. They refuse to think about themselves as being the best in their field. If we become what we believe, is it possible that we become mediocre by not thinking, speaking and acting like we are amazing?

Do I need to  improve? -Sure I…

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